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We are pleased to convene this Call for Proposals for a new Open Government Partnership Academic Conference on Open Government 2017 (#OGPAcademy17) at the Americas Regional Meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

 The Open Government Partnership, together with GIGAPP (the Research Group in Government,Administration and Public Policy) is seeking to inform practices of open government around the world. This session will enable researchers, academics, public officials, civil society organizations and think tanks  to interact and discuss cutting-edge research topics in open government, transparency, citizen participation, and accountability.

 #OGPAcademy17 wants to be a multidisciplinary event, based on high academic standards, focus on the creation and dissemination of new approaches and knowledge in subjects of interest for the Open Government Partnership. This is an effort to consolidate research themes, subjects and networks to contribute to the conceptual and practical development of open government.


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Research topics #OGPAcademy17

This Call for Proposals seeks to receive academic research papers in one of the following fields (non-exhaustive list):

  1. Open government and pluralism in the age of populism and illiberal democracies

  2. Beyond the usual suspects: The interaction of transnational civil society, international organizations, coalitions, and social movements for governance reform

  3. Trust, legitimacy, and open government

  4. Open government in fragile and post-conflict contexts

  5. After the pilot: Making open government institutions sustainable (incl. tools for policy analysis and public administration)

  6. Policy ownership and effectiveness

  7. Measurement and indexes for open government

  8. Challenges for the Open Government Partnership

Rules of participation

  1. Submission of abstracts :

All abstracts  submission will be made through our web form (you need to register first)  
This form will contain the following information:

  • Title of the abstract

  • Name of the author(s)

  • Institution or organization of origin

  • E-mail address

  • Abstract (maximum 15 lines)

  • Biographical note (maximum 5 lines)

  • Up to 5 keywords

Selection of proposals

A multidisciplinary selection committee will evaluate all proposals of the event. The evaluation criteria are:

  • Scientific and methodological rigor

  • Novelty of the subject

  • Potential contribution to knowledge

  • Practical and empirical relevance

  • Clarity and coherence of the exhibition

Selection will emphasize on empirical data over essentially theoretical works. Diversity in terms of geography, discipline, themes and gender will be considered, keeping in mind that quality is the main criteria. Consideration will also be given to those proposals that involve the use of data created by the Open Government Partnership (Independent Review Mechanism reports, OGP Explorer, etc.).

Additionally, in order to ensure diversity from a variety of backgrounds, practitioners are encouraged to submit papers featuring case studies along the themes above.

Working Groups

Once the call for papers is closed, the selection committee would create working groups according to themes and languages of all proposals accepted


Proposals can be submitted in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

How to participate

In an effort to include participant diversity, #AcademiaOpenGov17 calls for proposals in any of the next modalities:

  • Academic paper: for all academics who want to get involve in pair-reviewing exercises and discussions. Full text should be between 15-20 pages (including notes and references);

  • Good practices experiences: for practitioners that want to show their own good practice in open government. Full text should be between 500-1200 word long

  • Blog post: for reflexions and essays about Open Government. Full text should be between 500-1200 word long

Plenary sessions

The academic event should have at least one opening plenary session, with protocol presentations and an internationally renowned speaker or panel of experts of interest to the organization and participants. As a closing, a networking event is recommended.


All products produced within the framework of the event will be freely accessible and will be available on the web portal of the event.


Call proposals (closed)/  Convocatoria propuestas (cerrada)


 portada acadays2 copyNos complace hacer llegar esta convocatoria de propuestas para las Jornadas Académicas en Gobierno Abierto (#OGPAcademy17) de la Alianza para el Gobierno Abierto, que se celebrará como pre-evento de la Encuentro Regional de las Américas OGP en Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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We are pleased to convene this Call for Proposals for a new Academic Conference on Open Government  (#OGPAcademy17) at the Americas Regional Meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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3. pasos para enviar tu propuesta. Sending a proposal in three steps

1. Crear una cuenta antes /Sing-in

2. Iniciar sesión / login

3. En tu menú de panel de Control enviar propuesta /In your dashboard, submit proposal


Informamos que el evento contará con varias becas completas y parciales para asistir al evento. Esta información será ampliada próximamente

We inform that the event will have several full and partial scholarships to attend the event. Details of this information will be expanded soon.

Important Dates /fechas Importantes:

Call Papers (cerrado/closed)

Call for papers: June 12th - July 10 - and sign-in registration for authors - WE EXTEND THE DEADLINE TO SUBMIT PROPOSALS UNTIL JULY 24, 2017
Convocatoria de propuestas: Junio 12 – Julio 10 - incluye el registro de los autores y coautores -  /EXTENDEMOS EL PLAZO PARA ENVIAR PROPUESTAS HASTA EL 24 DE JULIO 2017

Propuestas aceptadas/Accepted proposals (cerrado/closed)

Full list of approved proposals: August, 22 (link here)
Publicación de propuestas aceptadas: Agosto 22 (enlace aquí)

Paper delivery/envio documentos (propuestas aceptadas/ accepted proposals)

Deadline for extended work October 27
Plazo para el envío de documentos 27 de Octubre


Programa Sesiones /Schedule (preliminar)

Publicación del Programa de sesiones (preliminar) 23 Octubre 2017
Publication of Schedule (preliminary) 23 th, October, 2017

Registro /Registration (debes iniciar sesión antes/you must sign in first)

Registration period: Octuber, 23 - 27 November (SPEAKERS) 6-10 November, (non speakers attendees)
Periodo de registro: Octubre, 23 - 27 Noviembre (SOLO AUTORES PONENTES)  6- 10 Noviembre  (participantes no ponentes)

Registration Deadline November 10 (for non authors)
Fecha límite de inscripción 10 de Noviembre (para no autores)

Full program and participant listing November 12
Programa completo y listado participantes 12 de Noviembre

#OGPAcademy17 Buenos Aires

Main #OGPAcademy17 event November 17-18 2017, Buenos Aires
Celebración Jornadas Académicas #OGPAcademy17: 17-18 Noviembre 2017, Buenos Aires