Opening Government through Multi-Stakeholder Coalitions: The Experience of the City of Ambon, Indonesia

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In 2016, the city of Ambon, Indonesia, approached the International Republican Institute (IRI) with a challenge: to enhance municipal transparency and accountability in Ambon in a targeted, cost-effective manner. Although the Ambonese government had experienced some success implementing open government initiatives, citizens increasingly demanded better access to public services and decisive action against corruption. IRI implemented a Vulnerabilities to Corruption Assessment (VCA) process in Ambon in an effort to address the bottlenecks preventing the municipality from being more open and responsive. The VCA is a methodology developed by IRI that brings together multi-stakeholder coalitions to promote more transparent and citizen-centered governments. In Ambon, IRI conducted a series of interviews to first identify an entry point for producing change: the citizen identification and registration process. IRI then helped to establish a steering committee comprised of local government and civil society representatives tasked with developing guidelines for reform, with IRI technical assistance. The third step was to support a citizen task force charged with operationalizing the steering committee recommendations. Employing tactics including the innovative use of media channels, the task force managed to implement key reforms: for example, wait times for obtaining citizen ID cards have now halved.
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