Open Government, Lobbying and quality of legislation - A case study on the Brazil’s internet bill of rights´ regulation process.

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Abstract Summary
The objective of the paper is to investigate the potential of the use of Crowdlaw platforms as lobbying spaces and Legistics´ tools for the improvement of the quality of the legislation that comes from the Executive Branch. A presentation of the concept of Open Government will be made relationing it with the Crowdlaw platforms. Later, we intend to demonstrate that the civic participation at the online legislative process can be viewed as a lobbying practice, which is not regulated in Brazil and involves a series of prejudices that we aim to deconstruct exploring it and proving that lobbying is a Constitutional right that can be practiced by any individual. Next, we will introduce the Legistics, a science that have the dialogue with the recipients of the norm as a nuclear value for a quality of legislative communication and consequently of the legislation. Finally, we intend to show the results of a case study on the Brazil’s internet bill of rights´ regulation process in which was possible to prove the existence of potential benefits in the use of public consultations and also some obstacles like the political factor.
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09 Crowdlaw and participation /Leyes abiertas y participacion
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